Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro carries out analyses for the complete characterization of raw materials for the production of glass and of refractory materials.

In particular, it is specialized in the evaluation of the suitability of primary and secondary raw materials for the industrial production of glass through detailed chemical analysis, laboratory melting of small quantities of vitrifiable mixture and execution of a specific experimental protocol of characterization.

SSV has developed over time advanced methods for the evaluation of the specific issues of the various minerals when used in glassworks, and has been active since decades in the study and evaluation of secondary raw materials for use in the glass industry, first of all glass cullet.

In the last five years, SSV has strongly committed itself to the research and application of new technologies for the valorisation of the waste from the glass recycling chain, and has also developed innovative analytical methods and protocols for the evaluation of the quality of ready-to-furnace cullet and its waste.

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