Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro is the most complete European laboratory for the analysis of the properties of glass and of all materials related to its production. Its cutting-edge instrumentation and scientific equipment allow SSV to offer a wide range of analyses, several of which unique in the sector.

The internationally recognized competence of its technicians and their deep knowledge of the products and production processes is the true added value of SSV, and represent an internal cultural heritage, developed, cultivated and preserved over more than 60 years of activity in support of the innovation of the glass industry.

The analytical support that SSV can offer ranges from single tests performed on request, to continuous analysis services for the quality control of raw materials and finished products, performed according to dedicated protocols defined together with the customer.

Depending on the type of analysis and on the customer’s needs, the experimental results can be provided under the form of an official third party certificate, of a technical report, or even by direct updating of  the customer’s informatic database, always in compliance with confidentiality requirements.