Good design and proper management of the operation of the melting furnace are essential to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the glass production process. In fact, they have strong impacts on furnace service lifetime, quality of the finished product, energy consumption, packing yield, gaseous emissions into the atmosphere and, in a word, production costs.

Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro has accumulated considerable direct experience in all areas of glass production, from the melting process to the quality of final products, from the heat recovery systems to the refractory materials that make up the furnace.

SSV is therefore a competent technical partner, capable of supporting the engineers, technicians and furnace managers of the plants through a wide range of services, ranging from the monitoring of the furnaces (energy, emissions, refractory materials), to the improvement of their performance, to the identification and resolution of transitory production crises (e.g. blisters, infuses or other defects outbreaks).