The complete on-site audit of a melting furnace allows to obtain an in depth overview of the status of the whole glass production system, and consists of a series of integrated services:

  • an evaluation of the energy  balance of the furnace and of its heat recovery system (regenerator or recuperator), including the evaluation of its efficiency factors, the quantification of all energy and mass flows, the identification of the most relevant energy losses, etc;
  • an evaluation of the environmental performance of the furnace, including the determination of dust, combustion gases, metals, acid gases and other polluting species’ concentrations within gaseous emissions released from the stack;
  • an endoscopic visual inspection of the corrosion state of the refractories of the superstructure of the melting tank, of the crown and of the regenerator chambers;
  • an evaluation and thermographic mapping of the most relevant heat dispersions of the system.

If required by the customer, SSV technicians are also capable of supporting the plant personnel in the fine tuning and optimization of combustion parameters, with the aim of reducing the level of emissions of NOx and SOx into the atmosphere (see also the specific page for the Optimization of combustion settings service).

For these on-site technical assistance activities SSV has a team of 10 expert technicians and 3 mobile analytical laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies for the sampling and measurement of emission parameters, with thermal imaging cameras, suction pyrometers, high-temperature endoscopes, He-tracing spectrometers, etc.