The food and beverage sector is the main destination for hollow glass products, and due to the relevant impact that packaging materials can have on the health of consumers, it is a market requiring ever increasing verification and certification of compliance to performance standards.

Moreover, the ever stronger pressure to reduce container weight, the continuous technological evolution, the stringent quality requirements, and the new stricter regulations on Food Contact materials pose a ever harder challenge to glass manufactorers.

Thanks to its experience and cutting edge analytical equipment, SSV can support the glass industry in overcoming these new ambitious challenges, for example by optimizing the design of containers to achieve better mechanical performance, or by reducing the article weight while preserving the required levels of reliability, etc.

As far as the subject of compliance to food contact legislation is concerned, SSV can guide glassmakers in the qualification of their products by means of tailored Testing Protocols (also carrying out the required analyses), aimed at verifying the product’s conformity to all the relevant reference standards and official limits in force in the destination markets for the intended application.