The production of glass articles is subject to strict dimensional tolerances, especially in the case of parts intended for coupling with other components such as caps of any shape and type (cork-, screw-, crown-, silicone- caps, bidoules, etc.), with gaskets, seals, etc, in which case any non-compliance could compromise the functional characteristics of the piece (e.g. tightness of the seal of the container).

The evaluation of compliance to the various tolerances, like height, finish diameter, verticality, flatness, parallelism, etc. at the various relevant points of the container can be carried out using a special three-dimensional probe, and requires at least 2 samples for each mould cavity, as well as explicit indication by the customer of the acceptability ranges for each tolerance.

Some typical dimensional measurements that can be performed are:

  • Body diameter
  • Finish bore
  • Finish outer diameter
  • Verticality determination according to UNI EN 29008
  • Determination of capacity according to UNI EN ISO 8106
  • Height
  • Weight