Though active since its foundation in the field of refractories for the glass industry (silico-aluminous, AZS, magnesites), in 2010 SSV has expanded its analytical equipment and expertise to provide a full range of services for characterization and consultancy on all families of refractory products and related raw materials (for steel, foundry, incineration, ceramics, etc.).

Thanks to the long experience gained by its technicians in the field of production, research and application of refractory products, SSV operates independently to support quality control activities, on-site inspections, qualification of new products, assistance on problems encountered in operation.

SSV is equipped to carry out analyses according to the main international standards, and is recognized as a center of excellence for the characterization of fused-cast AZS materials, especially for specific tests such as static and dynamic corrosion tests, exudation and blistering tests.