The objective of this screening is the quantification of the distribution of combustion air and flue gases flows in glass furnaces using Helium as tracer gas and a mass spectrometer as detection system.

This method allows to:

  • Evaluate the energy losses caused by hot gases leaks from various points of the furnace and regenerator, and to detect the infiltrations of cold air;
  • Investigate the distribution of flue gases in the regeneration chambers of cross-fired furnaces, in order to evaluate the differences in flue gases distribution between the different ports;
  • Determine accurately the combustion air flow rate, thus helping to optimize the combustion process in the melting furnace, in order to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides;
  • Identify how flue gases streams are distributed all along their path from the combustion chamber along the regenerators, allowing the validation of predictive fluid dynamics calculation models;
  • Determine the residence times of the flue gases within the filtration system, in order to identify the contact times with the scrubbing reagent (lime, sodium bicarbonate, etc.) for the abatement of acid gases.