Sulphur mass balance

Sulphates are used in the glass batch both as fining agent, for the elimination of gas bubbles trapped in the molten glass, and as oxidizing agent.

The determination of the sulphur mass balance provides important information on how the furnace system is managed in relation to the type of glass produced, as well as the origin and the possibility of reducing the amount of SO2 emissions.

The balance takes into account the batch formulation, the amount of glass cullet, the flue gas treatment system settings, the recycling of filter dust (if any), the type of glass produced, the type of fuel and the specific operating conditions of the furnace.

Chlorine mass balance

The Chlorine ion is present as impurity in some raw materials and external glass cullet. Since in container glass production the cullet recycling percentage is steadily increasing, the determination of the chlorine mass balance is of increasing importance for the control of its quantity in gaseous emissions, especially in view of the increasing severity of the limits imposed on its concentration.