In a regulatory context that requires continuous improvements in CO2 emissions and energy efficiency, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro can provide its expertise and analytical capabilities to glass producers, supporting them in the energy efficient containment of polluting emissions released into the atmosphere through the Combustion Optimization service.

During an on-site Combustion Optimization activity, SSV technicians continuously monitor the composition of the flue gases coming out of the melting furnace, working together with the plant personnel to make a strategic series of adjustments to the combustion system (variations in the air/fuel ratio, fuel supply pressure, burner inclination, spatial distribution of the combustion density in the furnace, etc.). The objective of these trials is to identify the combination of parameters that minimizes the production of NOx, while keeping under control the production of CO, SOx, dust, and the heat transfer to the glass bath (and thus energy consumption).

As a result of this on-site assistance, considerable benefits are generally obtained from the emissions point of view, and an appreciable improvement in the energy efficiency of the melting process as well.