chimney-1472543To carry out samplings and characterizations of high-temperature gaseous flows, such as flue gases produced by glassmaking plants, SSV has a team of over 10 expert technicians, 3 mobile laboratories and a complete kit of analyzers and probes ready for shipment (including airborne) to worldwide destinations.

In particular, SSV can monitor in a continuous, simultaneous and multipoint way (i.e. by sampling at the same time in several points of a melting furnace) the temperature and flow rate of preheated air and fumes, their combustion species content (O2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2), their pressure, their content of dust, metals, HCl, HF and NH3, etc. For parameters that cannot be detected continuously or in situ, the experimental data are obtained a posteriori by discontinuous sampling on-site and subsequent analysis of the collected samples in SSV’s chemical laboratories.

SSV emission measurement services are not limited to the glassmaking industry, but the institute isĀ  active in many other industrial sectors requiring high temperatures and combustion processes.