In the days from the 24th to the 26th of January 2023 all Horizon Europe Project H2GLASS partners have come together in Ljubljana (Slovenia), to hold the official kick-off meeting of the project.

More than 40 people from all over Europe and the UK, including industry leaders, academics, glass experts, technology suppliers etc, have gathered to the meeting venue (Austria Trend Hotel’s conference center) to lay together the foundations for the future research and development activities.

The physical event has finally allowed all partners to meet in person, after long days of remote communication during the application phase (also due to COVID restrictions), and thus to establish strong and fruitful relationships, that will enhance technical cooperation and interchange in the four years to come.

The meeting activities focused on introducing the participants, discussing the project’s objectives, detailing each other’s role and future contributions to the work plan, etc, and included also a presentation from the EU Project Officer, and a factory tour in the glass manufacturing plant of Steklarna Hrastnik, which will host two of the industrial demonstrator experimental campaigns of glass production powered by green Hydrogen combustion foreseen by the H2GLASS project.

Workshops on Safety issues related to H2 combustion in industrial environment, on Gender Equality, on Dissemination and Communication activities, etc were also held, with heartfelt participation by all involved partners.

In conclusion, the H2GLASS Kick-Off meeting was a successful initiative that helped fostering the cooperation between project partners, and allowed to jump the H2GLASS research activities to a rocket start towards a more sustainable and decarbonized (in two words, “climate neutral”) future, where glass production will be greener and greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial manufacturing process will be lower.